Pigeon Brands partners with international affiliates to access best in class creative talent, gain market insights and understand creative sensitivities in worldwide markets.

Smith Lumen is a leading independent creative agency based in the heart of Milan’s design district. Over the past decade they have completed almost 4,000 projects for over 350 brands in 25 countries for clients that range from small startups to multinationals. Specializing in helping companies develop and transform brands to build long lasting relationships with their consumers. 

BrandLab Created by branding, research and design professionals to become Russia’s first brand agency. Specializing in global development, and building brands in highly competitive markets, they set the standard for the industry.
www.brandlab.ru (best viewed with Google Chrome)

Elephant A strategic design and brand consultancy with offices in India & Singapore who have consistently delivered ideas & solutions that come alive as winners in emerging markets.

SiebertHead Creates strategically directed, commercially effective and distinctive brand design solutions from locations in London and Warsaw. With more than 41 years of experience from almost every major consumer category, they understand the market, the culture, the retail aspects as well as the consumer.