“As Canada’s premiere branding and design agency, Pigeon Brands has been a meaningful contributor to many of North America’s leading brands for over 38 years. Fuelled by passion and driven by results, Pigeon Brands employs unique methodologies bundled with exceptional talent to deliver customer results.

With more than 60 design and marketing professionals between three Canadian locations, Pigeon has partnered with over 4000 brands across countless categories. We have been privileged to work with many of the continent’s Fortune 500 and owner-managed corporations to shape their key identities and build the foundations for their exceptional success.

Extending beyond packaging into innovative consumer communication, we have created impactful brand connections for shoppers in the retail environment through smart and targeted point of purchase initiatives.

Thomas Pigeon, Founder and CEO

Pigeon Brands is Canada’s only truly bi-cultural design firm. With fully staffed creative offices in the hearts of Montreal and Toronto, we provide clients with a wealth of market insights and on-the-ground support.

We believe that our unique culture, exceptional talent and strategic expertise are the keystones to our long-term relationships and outstanding performance.”

Thomas Pigeon, Founder and CEO